I started emailing friends my "Daily Dose of Optimism" quotes formally just a few months ago. It started when I was working at an accounting firm years ago (marketing dept). The team was going through a tough transitional time, and I started sending out optimistic, happy, 'you can do it' quotes to several close colleagues to help them keep their spirits up. After leaving the firm, I'd send one or two out to my former colleagues every now and again. I'd also send some to my family and friends. When I reached out recently to two of my former colleagues (who have since moved on professionally as well), two of them mentioned how much they miss getting their daily quote. It got me to thinking about how much influence it had on them, and I didn't realize how much they'd enjoyed it. I've enjoyed quotes for a long time now, and even used one starting at the beginning of classes when I taught briefly...So I started up Happigal's Daily Dose of Optimism! You can now get a daily email sent to you, that will help perk up your day, give you food for thought, or just put a small smile on your face. Sign up here! ~ Happigal

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