People who meet me now think I've always been a happy go lucky person. But there was a time where I was very different. Where I saw myself and everything around me very negatively. Eventually, I got exhausted emotionally. I choose to make my life different, I chose to change my life by changing my attitude! After reading Claude M. Bristol's 'The Magic of Believing', I took a 30 day challenge of stopping every negative thought that popped into my head and replaced it with a new, positive thought. The result? Within 2 weeks, I suddenly started feeling better about myself, and started to truly appreciate my life, my family and friends. I was happier. My circumstances had not changed, but my attitude towards everything had changed. For the better! It had a profound effect on me. I wanted everyone I knew to have my happier perspective. So that is my challenge to you dear reader. Take the 30 day challenge. For 30 days, stop every negative thought that enters your mind and REPLACE it with a positive one. (This is important!) Let me know how you made out. Write to me and I'll post the most inspiring stories! Good luck and enjoy the challenge! ~ Happigal

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