My beautiful daughter in law has taught me many lessons in life. Her smile, her joy of life, her love of my son is a blessing that I'm truly grateful for. One of her daily habits is to take a moment before sitting down to a meal and be thankful for it. She is not just saying 'grace'. She is truly thankful for all her blessings, and for the meal set before her. Even when the entire family is out to dinner at a restaurant, you can see her gently take a 'moment' for herself, a pause, where she contemplates her good fortune, family, her meal and God. Recently, I took that same moment. I looked at the bountiful meal before me and thought of all the farmers who worked in the fields to make the wheat that became my bread, the chickens and their caretakers who delivered my eggs, the far off Columbian farmer who picked the coffee beans for my coffee. In one meal, people from around the world had an impact on what I was eating at that moment. A lot of work went into providing me with what I'd been given, including my spouse who'd gone to work that week to pay for my meal. Who could I NOT be grateful? I'd been given so much. When you stop for a moment, and turn your head slightly, it can sometimes give you a different angle to perceive life. It can give you and entirely new appreciation of things, if you just take a moment.