I haven't written in this blog for a while. Personal issues with aging parents for many years distracted me completely. Much of my energy was gathering up strength for myself, then for them. This last year saw the passing of both my beloved parents. There are no regrets, and they were surrounded by family and love for many years. Following this, I had the details of their 'estate' to work out, complicated by the fact that they passed within 4 months of each other. Then- silence. I was left with a very large void, and certainly missing them was a huge part of what tried to fill that void. I am always happy- always optimistic. How do I battle depression when it hits me? First off, I had to get organized. I started restructuring my days, started new routines, including working out several times a week. I am reaching out to new friends to get to know them better. I am making myself available again to older friends whom I put on the back burner when I had no time. I am taking classes on things I need to learn. I am taking care of myself and friends who need me. (Yes, an occasional mani-pedi may be found here!) I am finding new music in my life. Even with all this, I do tend to have 'down' moments. But I try not to let it overwhelm me. I try to keep busy- and fill my life with things I enjoy- even if it's a simple chai tea with a cookie, or a nice walk with my new dog, Didy. Some things in life hit us hard, and others can hit us even harder. Sometimes life will never, ever be the same. But we still have to get up every morning and move forward. Life is way to short not to enjoy it daily in almost everything we do. Being grateful is the corner stone of happiness. Acting "As If" is another huge part for me. I act and behave happy. I know, inevitably, that happiness will catch up with me again. And I am grateful.