By far, this last year has challenged me to remain in my 'happy' state despite extremely sad occurrences in my life.
The last few weeks marked sad anniversaries for me, followed by the sudden passing of a friend in the prime of his life. Events like this do make me sad. I do cry, mope, get depressed about it all. But there is something in me that makes me work on changing that mood despite the sadness. I just 'know' that we are not put here to remain sad, depressed or angry for very long. I think it's because, if I look at the whole scheme of life, that the GOOD far outweighs the bad. I am grateful to have had wonderful parents, despite the fact that they are no longer with us in the physical world. I am beyond upset and a bit angry about losing my friend Erik, but I am grateful to have known him in my life. His passing has also put me in touch with other past friends/co-workers who really liked and cared about him too. This reaffirms my faith in people in general. Sometimes we can take situations into our own hands and make things better. Other times, it's out of our hands. Then again, I look for ways to soften the 'hurt' for those left behind. Sharing a lost letter, email, or memory with those around me helps myself and friends and family. Yes, I chose to be happy despite rough and challenging times. Sometimes it's a bit of work to 'get there.' But its always worth it, and I know they'd want me to be happy.