"If happiness is a choice, why not choose it?"
Every life faces challenges, difficult times, but how you face and perceive those challenges determines whether or not you will be happy, not the challenges themselves. You cannot wait till something is 'over' to be happy. You decide each day if you are a happy person or not regardless of circumstance. Yes, there are times that make you feel like- When will this be over, when will this challenging time end, when will it stop raining? But taking a positive attitude about these times can not only help you endure them but also help them end quicker. I believe that when you take a positive attitude about things that creativity flows towards you, helping find solutions to some of your issues, or at least helps you deal with them. Being happy despite the challenges makes you a happier person, someone others want to be around, and connected with. Being connected to others is one of the best ways I can think of to help almost any sitch. Today, I choose to be happy. 

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