Wow. I suppose this can be a scary thought..."How do I affect people?" is a question that many of us may not want to answer. We are all out there, trying to find our way in the world, trying to survive, trying to make the best of things for our family and friends, right? But what is your influence? How do people really perceive you? What influence do you have on those around you? Do you like to complain? Do you recognize some of the negativity that comes our of your mouth on a regular basis? Do you constantly complain to others about your job, your spouse, your kids, your lack of opportunities? How do people feel after they've left you? Getting into the bad habit of complaining doesn't really help anyone does it? Ok, well, maybe the 'venting' feels good at the moment, but it serves only you, and then for only a brief moment. Wouldn't it be better to inspire? Wouldn't it make you a more pleasant person to be around if you stated more positive remarks than negative ones? What if, by being POSITIVE with your words and deeds, inspired someone to achieve their goals? What if, by focusing on the GOOD things in life, you helped lift someone's spirits? What if, by being more motivated, helpful and positive, you could help life your own spirit's? What kind of life would that be like?