I was visiting a hospital recently, and, certainly they have their fair share of challenges and stressful situations on a daily basis. The elevator opened and was filled with anxious, dour faced people in painful situations. But I was in an exceptionally good mood one day, and at first, this group took me aback. Then, I decided not to join them, but rather to walk in with a big smile on my face- and I looked people in the eye. Well, it turned out to be a breath of fresh air for them! Very quickly, many of them smiled back, and kept that smile till they got off the elevator, I also gave them the 'Have a nice day' as some of them left- (OK unoriginal, but sincere) Who knows if it had a lasting effect or not. But at least, for a moment, their burden was lifted for a brief moment. And maybe one of them passed the the smile on to someone else. Anyway...I felt responsible for starting an infectious smile that day- and I think I will be starting even more of them from now on. Cheers!