Secrets for a Happy Life
What I learned from
My Parents

by Cathlyn A. Driscoll

1. Love your family
2. Take care of your health
3. Treat your parents with respect
4. Get a good education
5. Let yourself fall in love
6. Marry that person
7. Have some kids
8. Treat your kids with respect
9. Love your kids
10. Introduce your children to God
11. Get a dog
12. Encourage your kids in their favorite interests
13. Be there for your kids' special events
14. Allow your kids to become their own persons and not a copy of yourself
15. Help them get a good education
16. Teach them good and moral habits which will allow them to enjoy a life of good health and independence
17. Enjoy all the stages of your kids' lives
18. Put home life before business
19. Remember, no job is forever, and you may have to create your own
20. Know the value of a dollar
21. Everything in moderation
22. Remember to look to the horizon when entering stormy seas in love and business
23. Make family traditions and keep them
24. Remember to always stand by your family no matter how strange they may seem, or how far they stray
25. Stay in contact
26. Say 'I love you ' often, it bears repeating
27. Cherish family times
28. Spoil your grandchildren
29. Take family vacations
30. Celebrate anniversaries

Dedicated to my wonderful parents, Tim and Gail Driscoll,

who were married over 56 years. I will love you forever Mom and Dad!