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Happigal.com was created because I had a need to share with others tools, techniques, teachers, books and self improvement seminars which have transformed me from an unhappy, negative thinking person to one of joyous love living with optimism daily and wishing to let other in on my 'secret' to happiness...It took me a long time to get here...hopefully you can use the info on this site for a shortcut for yourself.

"Take a moment to think of all of the wonderful and positive things in your life. Refuse to waste any more time on negative thoughts."
- Ty Stacey-Holmes

Question & Answer
Q: Who is 'Happigal' and what is her background?

A: Cathlyn Driscoll, professional branding and marketing person who specializes in web design and graphic design. I also do SEO for web sites to get them to rank higher on Google.

Happigal.com has been an idea in the back of my head for a long time. The image was first created in the early 2000s, while taking art classes with Illustrator Don Brautigram. At first she was just an image for an assignment, but later I realized she was my alter ego...